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Purpose, People, Performance


AXIA’s Mission driven programs will follow our commitment to our Purpose, People, and Performance.  Each of these programs may start small, but our intention is to grow these activities with the growth of our company.  We will have measurable KPI’s in each of these three major areas: Purpose, People & Performance.  Although we have several tools and resources established, we aim to be innovative and try new things as the Holy Spirit leads.




  • Business for God's Glory

    • God is the owner of Axia Holding Company 

    • As followers of Jesus, 100% of our actual work is part of our overall worship to God

    • All our work (creating, repairing, communicating, etc.) is part of God's work in the world

  • Prayer Initiative

    • Weekly prayer gathering for all leaders

    • Prayer before all meetings

    • Prayer chain to ensure all team members are prayed for

  • Community Impact 
    • Team based community impact projects

    • Paid time off for community service

  • Whole Gospel Focus

    • Four-chapter gospel perspective of Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration

    • Outreach events will be held within our companies

    • Intentional focus to share testimonies and truth with team 

  • Chaplain Service 

    • Chaplains on-site for counseling needs

    • Chaplains plugging team members into culture elements 

  • Visibility and Repetition

    • Wall art, posters and employee art listing mission, vision, and values

    • Employee handbook and training on mission, vision and values



  • Employee Care Team

    • Care Captain (team member), annual position (also helps select the Assistant Care Captain)

    • Develop an annual, rotating team to oversee Employee Care programs

  • Personal Development

    • Gift alignment of roles for all team members

    • Personal development plans for all team members

    • Satisfaction survey for all team members

  • Employee Care Programs

    • Chaplain

    • RightNow Media at Work

    • Family Resources (Focus on the Family/Family Life)

    • Financial Peace University

    • Benevolence fund to help those in need

  • Annual Investor Open Houses

    • Overview by Local Executive Team

    • Tour, Meal Together, Optional Outing



We will measure and report on the following areas. Quarterly and annual reports will be provided for all team members and investors.

  • Financial

    • Monthly revenue, expenses, and profitability

  • Leadership

    • KPI’s will be set and measured for all leaders and team members in each role within the AXIA portfolio

  • Team member satisfaction

    • We will provide an annual survey for all team members

  • Culture

    • An annual culture survey will be issued to all team members and utilized throughout the year for perpetual improvement

  • Community Impact

    • We will set targets and measure all mission and service projects that our team members participate in order to focus and maximize our impact

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