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PURPOSE STATEMENT: AXIA Holding Company exists to set up Regional Holding Companies that bring together like-minded Christian business leaders and their companies to operate according to biblical principles and maximize our impact on those we serve by leveraging our resources, talent, and opportunities until Christ returns.

I. Preserve Founders Legacy
One of our primary objectives is to preserve the legacy of Christian business owners by selectively identifying like-minded Christian business leaders who have a desire to see their legacy of impacting lives through their business continue until Christ returns. There are so many wonderful Christian led companies that have made a tremendous impact in their communities and the lives of their team members, vendors, and customers. There are an estimated 60-80% of all business owners that do not have an identified successor or succession plan. This is where the AXIA business model comes in. We consider it a great privilege to be able to help carry on the legacy that has been established by these Christian leaders and provide an opportunity for these leaders and their families to see their legacy continue for many years to come.


II. Continuation of Kingdom Impact

It is our desire to bring together and operate companies that have an eternal focus. We measure success based on a triple bottom line. Purpose, People, and Performance.  Everything we do begins with a Divine Purpose for being in business.  The bible teaches us in Colossians 3:23 to “Do everything as if doing it unto the Lord”. We see our work as worship and believe that the relationships we forge in business provide a tremendous catalyst for sharing the love of Christ on a daily basis. We focus on biblical operating principles within every company, process, and transaction that we are involved with. 
We intend to leverage our company, its influence, and resources for the greater good in the lives of those we serve within our communities. We apportion part of our profits to “seek the welfare of our city” as the Bible teaches us in Jeremiah 29:4-10.  We accomplish this by providing financial resources and subsidizing time investments of our team members in the following areas.

  • Community Service

  • Biblical & Moral Initiatives

  • Kingdom Movements and Initiatives

  • Marketplace Christian Ministries & Leadership

III. Preservation of Small Business

There has been a tremendous wave across America of corporate buyouts, rollups, and small market companies selling out to the “big guys”.  Small business has been the backbone of innovation, work ethic, and values throughout American history and it is our desire to help preserve small business and its influence in our communities.    

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